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SFSA History
A History of the S.A.D.W.F.C 1980-2001 -Print PDF 
Posted by zaphod 04/06/2005


» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» Past Committees:

In 1996 we attempted to screen the new Doctor Who 'Enemy Within' telemovie on the 25th of May, but we were unable to get a copy, so we had to delay it. There were many interested people who were disappointed by these circumstances. We showed it at the June meeting.
A number of small occasions were planned by Alex Bickford at this time, which spurned a small entry in The Wall of Lies entitled 'Magical Mystery Events'. These events were Murder Mystery nights, or Cinema viewings.
During 1997 we held a short story competition which was intended to be included in a new Jethryk magazine, this was a great success, so a second one was planned. The next one wasn't so successful because a number of judges had other committments, so it's release was delayed. Another Jethryk (Issue 5 - part II) has only recently come out, which contains the rest of the entries which weren't included in issue I.
Early in 1998 A vote for the changing of the committee to 3 positions was voted down. This caused some tension with the other committee members, who thought that James Margitich had used his position as Wall of Lies editor to advertise this vote, without consulting them first.
The Annual General Meeting in 1998 created a committee of which a number of people resigned in the months which followed. It was difficult to get much done, but meetings continued, and eventually everything stabilised.
1999 was a very uneventful year, but for the resignation of Jamie Stidiford before the first meeting was held. Melanie Caddy took over from him and has remained president since then.
2000 was the year that we decided to make changes to the club. After the introduction of board games to the meeting, we decided to have a quiz night, with the intention of attracting more people to the club. This didn't take place, but it was a good night anyway. Melanie Caddy was the host, and she provided the questions for the night.
It was on that night that the new magazine SFSA was first presented to people. It had a pretty dodgy cover (drawn by Steven Cooke). It took over the gap left in the club by Chameleon Factor not being edited for a year or more. At a meeting before this, we changed the name of the club to SFSA, and the direction of the club to include all sorts of science fiction, as we were doing anyway. The club is no longer just about Doctor Who.
2001 has been fairly good up 'til now. SFSAs have continued to be produced, with the help of the creative people in the club. In particular Dominic Porcelli's covers are exceptional.
We have had movie nights where the group of us get together and watch the latest science fiction film.

after a small time a way the great Jamie Stidiford came back to rule us all, as he is still doing to this very day. harrah harrah.


date: 20/01/2006 16:36 GMT
also is Blake the longerst serving committee member?


date: 20/01/2006 16:38 GMT
Sureley "Blake" is just a honorary title, passed down through the generations, from Father to Son? This could not be the same person who has been a committee member for vertually 9 consecutive years?

GodfatherFazama WWW 

date: 27/01/2006 22:27 GMT
He is the Old Tom Parr of the club. Of course, future historians will dispute this, and claim we have muddled his records with that of his grandfather.


date: 05/02/2006 02:19 GMT
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It's been a long time since the old days in the Theosophical Hall...


date: 22/02/2006 04:04 GMT
So SFSA hasnt always had there general meeting at Adelaide High and the Pub!!!!?????

clip WWW 

date: 10/03/2006 18:47 GMT
No - the pub and the high school came along later. Not to mention all the namechanges...


date: 12/03/2006 13:59 GMT
I would have liked to have seen all those early 80s fashions! (and I'd also like to be paying the prices they had back then) ......anyone found the club's TARDIS?????


date: 11/08/2006 02:28 GMT
I thought it had fallen apart in Brian Alford's backyard...?


date: 12/08/2006 21:47 GMT
When will this history be updated? And who will do it?


date: 31/08/2006 13:10 GMT
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