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SFSA History
A History of the S.A.D.W.F.C 1980-2001 -Print PDF 
Posted by zaphod 04/06/2005


» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» Past Committees:

Some of the items organised were: special interviews with Peter Davison (the current Doctor at the time), Jon Pertwee, Janet Fielding (current conpanion), Katy Manning (which Brian Alford and Athol Jackson [from SASTREK] had taped when they flew over to Katy Manning's home in Sydney.
Other segments at 'Conpanion' were; a mastermind quiz, Doctor Whodunnit, Jo Grant - This is your Life, a slide show of the Tom Baker era (as well as Hartnell and Troughton). Stories shown were 'The Deadly Assassin', 'The Krotons', 'An Unearthly Child', 'Spearhead from Space', 'The 3 Doctors', and the first screening in Australia of the Doctor Who spin-off, K9 and Company.
Other events at the convention included a fancy dress parade, a disco(popular back then), a play called 'Holocaust 2000', Katy Manning's personal scrap books and displays of a full size TARDIS and consold, K9 and Dalek. The TARDIS console was built by the committee especially for the convention. The convention caused a surge in membership, with the Club having almost 150 members by the end of 1983, and almost 200 by the end of 1984.
The club's Dalek was bought from Tasmania in late 1982, and was modified by installing a car battery which operated a drive mechanism enabli8ng someone to sit in it and drive it around Also installed was a Dalek voice demodulator which synthesized a person's voice to sound like a Dalek. Unfortunately in the proceding years, the Dalek fell into disrepair, including its electrical installations being removed.
As well as CHAMELEON FACTOR, the Club decided to produce a yearbook which was to be brought out at the end of each year, which would be a fanzine full of members contributions. The yearbook was called 'Jethric', and three editions were published, one in 1982, 1983 and 1991. Unfortunately 'Jethric' was not published on an annual basis due to a lack of contributions from members.

after a small time a way the great Jamie Stidiford came back to rule us all, as he is still doing to this very day. harrah harrah.


date: 20/01/2006 16:36 GMT
also is Blake the longerst serving committee member?


date: 20/01/2006 16:38 GMT
Sureley "Blake" is just a honorary title, passed down through the generations, from Father to Son? This could not be the same person who has been a committee member for vertually 9 consecutive years?

GodfatherFazama WWW 

date: 27/01/2006 22:27 GMT
He is the Old Tom Parr of the club. Of course, future historians will dispute this, and claim we have muddled his records with that of his grandfather.


date: 05/02/2006 02:19 GMT
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It's been a long time since the old days in the Theosophical Hall...


date: 22/02/2006 04:04 GMT
So SFSA hasnt always had there general meeting at Adelaide High and the Pub!!!!?????

clip WWW 

date: 10/03/2006 18:47 GMT
No - the pub and the high school came along later. Not to mention all the namechanges...


date: 12/03/2006 13:59 GMT
I would have liked to have seen all those early 80s fashions! (and I'd also like to be paying the prices they had back then) ......anyone found the club's TARDIS?????


date: 11/08/2006 02:28 GMT
I thought it had fallen apart in Brian Alford's backyard...?


date: 12/08/2006 21:47 GMT
When will this history be updated? And who will do it?


date: 31/08/2006 13:10 GMT
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