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SFSA History
A History of the S.A.D.W.F.C 1980-2001 -Print PDF 
Posted by zaphod 04/06/2005


» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» A History of the S....
» Past Committees:

Towards the end of 1982, the Club had risen its membership to nearly 70. The committee began a new look newsletter with a consistent format which was entitled CHAMELEON. After four issues, Graeme Read retracted his copyright of the name CHAMELEON, so the new name of CHAMELEON FACTOR was used which the committee decided to copyright so that the name could not be lost. Merchandise in the form of Doctor Who novelisations were first introduced to meetings.
In June 1982, at the second A.G.M., the elected committee took a big step in offering to organise a Doctor Who convention, if the members would vote them in for a two year term of office (the length of time needed to organise the convention). The members were highly enthusiastic, and there was a unanimous vote in favor of it.
On the 7th of September 1982, the Club became incorporated, and henceforth was known as The South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club Incorporated. Barbara Medhurst kindly donated the fees and did the typing of the many documents that had to be completed. Also in 1982 the Club decided to buy a minor lotteries licence which entitles the Club to hold raffles and competitions where the prize was not in excess of $500.
1983 saw the fruition of the committee's hard work, when on October 9, 10 and 11th, the Club held its first convention to celebrate the series twentieth anniversary entitiled 'Conpanion' which had the honour of being the very first Doctor Who convention held in Australian. The convention was highly successful with over 450 people attending it, and was rated among the top three Science Fiction conventions held in Australia up to that time.
People came from all around Australia to attend the convention, including Western Australia and Queensland.

after a small time a way the great Jamie Stidiford came back to rule us all, as he is still doing to this very day. harrah harrah.


date: 20/01/2006 16:36 GMT
also is Blake the longerst serving committee member?


date: 20/01/2006 16:38 GMT
Sureley "Blake" is just a honorary title, passed down through the generations, from Father to Son? This could not be the same person who has been a committee member for vertually 9 consecutive years?

GodfatherFazama WWW 

date: 27/01/2006 22:27 GMT
He is the Old Tom Parr of the club. Of course, future historians will dispute this, and claim we have muddled his records with that of his grandfather.


date: 05/02/2006 02:19 GMT
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It's been a long time since the old days in the Theosophical Hall...


date: 22/02/2006 04:04 GMT
So SFSA hasnt always had there general meeting at Adelaide High and the Pub!!!!?????

clip WWW 

date: 10/03/2006 18:47 GMT
No - the pub and the high school came along later. Not to mention all the namechanges...


date: 12/03/2006 13:59 GMT
I would have liked to have seen all those early 80s fashions! (and I'd also like to be paying the prices they had back then) ......anyone found the club's TARDIS?????


date: 11/08/2006 02:28 GMT
I thought it had fallen apart in Brian Alford's backyard...?


date: 12/08/2006 21:47 GMT
When will this history be updated? And who will do it?


date: 31/08/2006 13:10 GMT
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