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Subject:  movie 2006

09/12/2006 07:14 GMT

My good Friend Mostyn Floyd Jr has come up with an idea, I think we should have a SFSA movie awards. So what I would like all the good people out there in whoville to do its to send Mostyn the answer to these important questions. and shortly after new yeras he shall post them on the web site an send a email so we can discuss it. here are the questions:

Your favourite Movie of 2006?
Your worst Movie of 2006?
Your favourite male actor of 2006?
Your favorite female actor of 2006?
Best Animated Film?
Best Horror?
Best Sci-Fi?
Best Comedy?
Best Action?
Best Documentory?
Biggest Surprise"
Worst Disappointment?
And What are you waiting for in the future?

Plus the same for Television.

when you have the answers to these questions and if you have answer to new questions, justr send it to mostynmovies@hotmail.com


Your Prez


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