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Subject:  Silent Running

22/10/2007 15:45 GMT

ABC-TV played this on Saturday afternoon, which fortunately ran on until the SFSA meeting started. It's one of my favourite films, although it has plot holes you could fly a space freighter through and it saddens me.

When I first saw it on tv around 1978 I nodded off during the previous movie, The Trap on Cougar Mountain and woke up while it was in progress, giving the impression that a film about a boy and his mountain lion turned into one about a psychopath and his drones.

The next time it was on I tape recorded some of the music, video machines still being years away in our household. Unfortunately the machine's batteries were running down, recording at a slower rate than normal. When I'd play it back later on mains power the music was speeded up comically. My naughty friend Shane took the opportunity of my absence to record an ad for his fictional disco over the precious recording. An unusual feature of that tape machine was the erase head didn't work, so what was left was the theme music for Silent Running at ~110% speed with "...and Adam and the Ants!" spoken over it.

The Wikipedia entry gives a strange account of the draft script from a Starlog interview with Douglas Trumbull. I once saw Steven Bochco interviewed about the film, describing the weekend he spent rewriting it as the worst experience in his life.


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