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Subject:  Don't Mess with the Zohan

24/06/2008 14:09 GMT

If this film was done by the English, it would be full of inuendos and double inuendos galore making it a dirty , but funny film (eg the carry on films).
But this was Yankee film and there were no inuendos or dublatons (spelling?), just out right in your face factual dirty humour. And I enjoyed it. This film had sutility (sp? my spelling is getting worse in my old age ) of a steam train colliding with a deisel freight loco whilst going over a cliff into the Syndey Harbour whilst singing the Song of Joy to bethoven's 5th in C minor.
Iw as laughing at the purposely overt humour that was show and how Adam Sandler was making fun of how people are stereotyped.
Whilst no for the kiddies, teenagers will get the humour differently to an adult, but all will find something to laugh at.
It was better than I thought, and the best Sandler film I have seen (I have not seen many, but those attempts at humour did not make me laugh).
I say see it. Whether it is worth buying the DVD, I don't know yet.


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Subject:  Re: Don't Mess with the Zohan

14/06/2019 08:31 GMT

Worth watching again! Makes me laugh out loud every time.


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