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Subject:  Indiana Jones IV

28/05/2008 04:29 GMT

An enjoyable film. See the action on Jones movie, seen them on all 4. Worth seeing if you liked the others. Cate Blanchett made a good villian.
Had fun trying to spot the links to other Lucas films and Speilberg films, thou it seems I missed quite few which others had spotted. Ah well that is what pause buttons on DVDs are for (have to wait for that one to be release as it is a buyer).
Karen Allen seemed to lack the spic of her appearance in the first film.
Jim Broadbent's appearance was okay, but not as notable as in Hot Fuzz. If there is a fifth, he might take a bigger part.
I am curious on how the film would have gone if Henry Jones 1 (Sean Connery) was included in the film. Him meeting Jonesy III the first time and what he would have done to Jonesy II would have been fun to watch.

Go and see it. A nice night out.


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Subject:  Re: Indiana Jones IV

28/05/2008 10:42 GMT

I liked it but to me its like watch never say never again, after seeing it you come to the fact that some part you maybe to old for.


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