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Subject:  LEGO TARDIS to Materialise at Sydney Royal Easter Show

15/03/2016 12:27 GMT


A full-size LEGO replica of the iconic TARDIS from the world's longest running sci-fi TV series, Doctor Who, will materialise at The Sydney Royal Easter Show, BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) has announced.

Australian Doctor Who fans will also be able to get their hands on the first ever Doctor Who showbag at the annual event, which takes place from 17th to 30th March at Sydney Olympic Park.

The LEGO TARDIS will land just outside of Showbag Hall on Riverina Avenue, and will be there for the entire duration of the Royal Easter Show. Fans will be able to share their photos of the TARDIS on social media using the #legotardis hashtag.

This is the first time the LEGO TARDIS has materialised in Sydney since its appearance at The Doctor Who Festival Australia, which took place in November 2015.

The exclusive Doctor Who showbag, licensed by Bensons Trading, will contain a host of goodies fit for a Whovian, including a TARDIS design back pack, tin case, beanie hat, notebook and lanyard, and a Doctor Who tote bag, all for just $26 (retail value $64.70).

Brigid Roberts, Business Manager, Licensing and Sponsorship, BBC Worldwide ANZ, said: ''We're delighted to able to offer Whovians in Australia another chance to see the LEGOc TARDIS, and get their hands on a showbag full of treats for aspiring Time Lords''.

Rebel Ruby, Product Development, Bensons Trading Co, said: ''Bensons are very excited to release the brand new Doctor Who showbag at this year's Sydney Royal Easter Show. We have worked closely with BBC Worldwide ANZ to come up with a fantastic pack that will have Doctor Who fans flocking to the show.''

The LEGO TARDIS will be located outside Showbag Hall on Riverina Avenue.

Doctor Who showbags will be available at Showbag Hall.


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Subject:  Re: LEGO TARDIS to Materialise at Sydney Royal Easter Show

22/03/2016 04:08 GMT

Sydney! Who Cares.     
Adelaide then yes.


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