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Subject:  Doctor Who's Midnight

10/02/2016 23:54 GMT


Sporadic Productions Presents
Dr Who's Midnight

As the Earth old joke goes...

Knock Knock,

Who's there?

But this is no joke.

The Doctor and his companion, Donna, came to Midnight to relax – time away from adventures saving the whole of space and time. The planet is a unique tourist destination, devoid of life, revolving around a toxic “Xtonic” star. The planet is a picturesque diamond wasteland without any atmosphere, totally uninhabitable. The leisure palace company have been able to tame this hostile terrain, giving tours of the surface. When the Doctor signed on for this tour, he thought the most exciting thing he would encounter was the sapphire waterfall. But maybe Midnight is not so lifeless after all…

Sporadic productions present an adaptation of Doctor Who’s Midnight – a gripping scifi adventure featuring the beloved BBC time traveller.

Cast & Company

Director - David Dyte


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