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Subject:  Doctor Who Christmas Gift Ideas

21/11/2014 00:21 GMT

BBC Press Release
21st November, 2014


Celebrate Christmas with The Doctor and treat yourself or a loved one to a Doctor Who gift. From games, clothing and homeware to concert tickets, DVDís and toys, thereís something for every Doctor Who fan.

The brand new range of TARDIS print clothing, exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, is perfect for the fashion-conscious Whovian and includes a skater dress, skirt and shirt. Accessorise your outfit with a TARDIS pendant necklace or charm bracelet from the jewellery range.

For the home, fans can freeze themselves some tiny TARDISes and Daleks with the Doctor Who ice cube Tray, or serve their morning coffee from the Doctor Who espresso box crockery set, complete with matching saucers.You can even step inside the TARDIS, if just for a few minutes, with a TARDIS shower curtain, or brush your teeth with the Sonic Screwdriver electric toothbrush.

Thereís a host of toys and games to keep aspiring Time Lords busy at Christmas, including the Tumbling TARDIS Tower and the Doctor Who version of Risk: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, which sees Dalek armies descend from the skies, seeking to destroy one another and conquer the world.

Experience the magic of Doctor Who first-hand with tickets to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, returning to Australia and New Zealand in 2015. Presented by the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, and featuring a cast of Daleks, Cybermen and a host of other Doctor Who monsters, this is a must-see musical celebration for fans. (see purchase details below)

Just in time for Christmas is Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series on DVD and Blu Ray, which finds Peter Capaldi at the controls of the TARDIS as the Twelfth Doctor in a brand new set of amazing adventures. Fans can also get their hands on a limited edition featuring special TARDIS packaging, complete with soundchip.

There are many other products available, including mugs, stationary, figurines, and of course, the ultimate Doctor Who gift - the Sonic Screwdriver. 

Products are available from the BBC shop online at: www.bbcshop.com.au and ABC shops.

Tickets for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular are available from Ticketek in Australia and Ticketmaster in New Zealand.



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